Product features

1. 1080p HD video

2. High power LED intelligent infrared fill light

3. Remote viewing and two-way voice intercom

4. Large capacity built-in lithium battery

Product details

1、 Product introduction

Portable traffic field command system da-jsxt01 adopts all outdoor P10 single red unit board LED display, 1080p high-definition network camera, high-power LED intelligent infrared fill light, high brightness "piranha" integrated red and blue flash light, large capacity built-in lithium battery, high-strength tripod, anti-oxidation industrial carbon steel shell, protection grade IP65, simple operation, convenient carrying, solid and durable, It can be applied to all kinds of extreme weather and all kinds of complex working occasions.

2、 Product configuration

1. Hardware configuration

(1) Anti oxidation industrial carbon steel shell

(2) All outdoor LED display

(3) 1080p HD webcam

(4) High power LED intelligent infrared fill light

(5) High brightness red and blue flash lamp

(6) 30ah large capacity built-in lithium battery

(7) Professional high strength triangular support

2. Software configuration

(1) LED screen WiFi control software

(2) Network camera background software

3. Optional

(1) Huawei e5573s-856 portable WiFi (tri network 4G high-speed version)

3、 Product advantages

1. The foldable tripod design is simple and convenient to carry and operate, and can quickly arrange the site within 30s.

2. The LED on the main screen has high brightness, clear subtitles, ultra long visual distance and perfect warning effect.

3. The red and blue flash lights of "piranha" lamp beads greatly improve the warning effect.

4. The LED screen and webcam are controlled through WiFi connection, which is simple and convenient to operate.

5. Aluminum alloy steel pipe support, waterproof and anti-corrosion, up to 2.4m.

6. Built in 30ah lithium battery, convenient charging and long working time.

7. IP65 protection standard, rainproof and dustproof, suitable for various working environments.

8. 1080p HD network camera can provide remote viewing, two-way voice intercom, dynamic information alarm and other functions.

4、 Function introduction

The system realizes the warning function of outdoor operation sites such as accident site, temporary inspection site, highway law enforcement, fire rescue, road administration construction, power emergency repair and communication emergency repair through LED guidance screen and high brightness red and blue explosion flash lamp. At the same time, it is equipped with 1080p high-definition network video recorder to realize remote viewing, photographing, video evidence collection, two-way voice call Remote command and dispatching functions such as dynamic information alarm.

1. Remote viewing

When the camera is networked (it supports network connections such as router, portable WiFi and mobile phone hotspot), it can be remotely accessed by mobile devices such as computer and mobile phone, video picture viewing, system setting and other functions.

2. Two way voice intercom

The webcam is equipped with a pickup and a speaker. It realizes two-way voice intercom through app to command and dispatch the site, which is convenient and efficient.

3. Dynamic information alarm

The system has the functions of movement detection and sound detection, and sends alarm reminders to the background to monitor the on-site dynamics in real time.

4. Multi platform compatibility

The system supports Android, IOS and windows multi platform compatibility.

5. Multiple storage methods

The system supports cloud storage, TF card and computer storage, with multiple storage methods and guarantees, which is safe and reliable.

6. Electronic zoom: finger zooming is realized in app to make viewing more subtle.

7. Infrared night vision, anti-theft alarm

8. Network disconnection video recording, safe and reliable

5、 Recommended by user:

Traffic police, factory, airport, mining area, army, port and other institutions.

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